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Little Crystal / Leather Trap by Model Zero

Model Zero

Little Crystal / Leather Trap
Sweet Time

***Memphis has garnered a reputation for producing some of the wildest, freaky punk rock over the last 40 years—a thread running through acts like The Oblivians, Lost Sounds and Nots. More recently newcomers MODEL ZERO have created a fresh brand of psych-leaning punk to River City. Formed by members of EX-CULT, AQUARIAN BLOOD and JACK OBLIVIAN'S SHEIKS, Model Zero make bouncy, low-fidelity guitar grooves and analog synthesizer squeals that chase a motorik beat and never stray too far off into the tackiness of jam territory.

7" $7.50


ST 0704 

***"Black Gladiator and Slovenly the bomb squad we be, Set to unleash a depth charge of cold blooded circuitry. MODEL ZERO swinging sinister in the LP business, Live from Memphis T.N. it’s the new beat, what is this? Jack Oblivian the illest slid us over some Sheiks, Co-conspirators Goner In The Red broke us off some Ex-Cult this week. The Don Mr. Quintron assembles Drum Buddies from the ground up, Mod Z gnaws the breaks and regurgitates, what the fuck is up Chuck? Kill the Guardian with a Japanese Death Poem, Creepy crawling acidic electro-shocks to the dome. Sludge bombs from a 9MM, such is Modern Life, Deconstructing Mr. Soul, put the Young under a knife. Night terrors etched in vinyl noir, know what we mean? Hitting the racks May 31 two thousand nineteen." STREET DATE IS 5/31/19.

LP $15.50

05/31/2019 193428649736