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***Shade Grown is the new studio LP from Vermont psych folk rulers, MATT VALENTINE and ERIKA ELDER. Their first studio jam for Blackest  Rainbow, something we've been keen to do for a while now after our  previous live release for the duo. The record features MV & EE channelling some spaced out tones with various incarnations of The Bummer Road,  the more free cosmic jamming back up unit they venture out with from  time to time. This personnel this time round reads as a who's who of  talent in the current psych/folk underworld—JEREMY EARL (WOODS), HERBCRAFT, CARSON “SMOKEHOUND” ARNOLD, DOC DUNN, MICK FLOWER (VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA, FLOWER CORSANO DUO), and MUSKOX. You're in for a treat of lunar blues, psych folk, and free  form outer limit jammin'. Pressed in an edition of 600 copies package in a full color jackets with insert.

LP $24.00


BRR 270 

Studio C.O.M.'s from MV & EE have been rare these days with recent rockets being in the form of the most righteous and mighty live excursions into unknown jam galaxies thru song form (dig the heroines, box sets and residencies!). However, time was when the Child Of Microtones sound worlds were exploding with the most unique and highly personalized solar systems of pre-war/post Takoma environs colliding like COMets with black ark pods from the tapers section. On "Shade Grown" sweet new MV & EE are back in that orbit fusing all that they can give and more to keep America beautiful. Go DIY army, this is greenspace…throw away yr armaments and trade the electric mower for headphones. This is perhaps the closest Spectra, Matt & Erika have come to dub, The ONE could get lost in these tunes/jams for many spins. Bring on hyperspace awareness, you could be in yr very own room beyond inside out and feel all they are right beside you, just like spectrasound wanted you to be.   Special guests/skypilots from the good ol' Golden Road: Jeremy Earl (Woods), Michael Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra), Matt Lajoie (Herbcraft), Doc Dunn, Muskox, Paulie G, Rafi Bookstaber, Carson "Smokehound" Arnold, Rongoose (Sunburned Hand Of The Man).     MV & EE with The Golden Road - Cocola Parabola (Sugar On Snow) SINGLE VERSION by Revolver USA

MP3 $9.90

11/11/2013 655035013909 

COM 39 

FLAC $11.99

11/11/2013 655035013909 


No Floor Tour (live, April 2010) by Mv & Ee With The Golden Road

Mv & Ee With The Golden Road

No Floor Tour (live, April 2010)
Child Of Microtones

Digital edition of the box set from MV & EE featuring 8 shows from their No Floor Tour in USA & Canada in April 2010. The line up for this tour was MV & EE with Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra / Flower-Corsano Duo) and John Moloney (Sunburned Hand of the Man). There's also guest appearance from J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Eric Chenaux and Doc Dunn. The 8 shows were from Hadley (MA), Ridgewood (NY), Oberlin (OH), Detroit (MI), Toronto (ON), Montreal (QC), Saratoga Springs (NY), and Boston (MA). Originally released in an old style tape pack box.

MP3 $19.99

01/11/2011 655035060049 


Orbiting the earth in Vermont is Matt "MV" Valentine, once the brawn of the Tower Recordings, and Erika "EE" Elder, CEO of Heroine Celestial Agriculture and The MV & EE Medicine Show. Together with their dog Zuma, they run the Child of Microtones library of exploratory music--sometimes their own lunar blues, sometimes finger-picking-style noise/space, sometimes lonesome frontier folk.  MV & EE have landed at the DiCristina Building bearing Drone Trailer, featuring The Golden Road: Doc Dunn (pedal steel, guitar, harmony), Mike Smith (bass, fender rhodes, harmony), and James Anderson (drums, engineer). You may recognize these names as part of MV & EE's touring band when they scorched across New England and the Rust Belt en route to Terrastock this past June. Drone Trailer is a consolidation of the previous musical high-life of the duo's space shanties for the 21st century. In other words, MV & EE explore their unique mix of lunar raga and astral string band music, with a couple deep-space burners/covert jams such as opening blast "Anyway" thrown in to bust it all open. Nobody is gonna mind if they hear a little Crazy Horse and prime-era Dead here as well!  The Golden Road will be living it all this autumn and winter, touring the US and overseas. Stop by and say howdy, and be sure to set up some mics.

LP $13.00

01/20/2009 655035401218 

STEP 12 

CD $12.00

01/20/2009 655035401225 


MP3 $9.90