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Sic Transit Gloria Mundi by Necrite


Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! After five demos and six years of anticipation, Bay Area black metal tyrants NECRITE have finally unleashed their debut curse upon us: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. Seamlessly fusing elements of droning doom, funeral ambience, and thrashing black metal, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is a monument in the legacy of West Coast black metal along with the likes of Weakling’s Dead as Dreams and Leviathan’s Tenth Sublevel of Suicide. Necrite has created something very special and very creepy—Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is 66 minutes of horrified ambient black metal that sounds like it was written by evil people in a black cave where very bad things happen

CD $7.75

05/31/2011 654367825976 

FR 07 CD