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Destroy Oh Boy! by New Bomb Turks

New Bomb Turks

Destroy Oh Boy!

***THE NEW BOMB TURKS return with 20th anniversary deluxe vinyl-only edition of their legendary Destroy Oh-Boy! album.?! LP comes in gatefold jacket, crammed with pics & liner notes by JOHN PETKOVIC (Death of Samantha).?! If you'd given Jimmy Lee Swaggart some PCP, three nubile teenage girls and a swank-ass voice, sooner or later he'd have formed a band just like this..?!

LP $20.85

01/06/2017 700498003216 

CR 032 

CD $14.75

01/06/2017 70049800322 

CR 032 CD 

Information Highway Revisited by New Bomb Turks

New Bomb Turks

Information Highway Revisited

***BACK IN PRINT ON 180-GRAM VINYL!!! The second album from Columbus, Ohio garage rock heroes the NEW BOMB TURKS.?! Originally released in September of 1994..?!

LP $17.25

01/06/2017 700498004916 

CR 049 

CD $11.25

01/06/2017 70049800492 

CR 049 CD 

Pissing Out The Poison by New Bomb Turks

New Bomb Turks

Pissing Out The Poison

***26-song SINGLES COMPILATION.?! A swank package indeed! This beastie contains the following: their RARE as heck first 2 singles, a cut from "Bumped By Karaoke" CD, the 7"s on SYMPATHY, EMPTY, BAG OF HAMMERS, DEMO DERBY, GET HIP, DAMAGED GOODS, 1 cut from the VPRO 12", "Cowtown #2", the Xmas cut from "Happy Birthday" 10" on SFTRI, unissued NY Dolls cover, unissued Hawkwind cover, unissued BLUE cover & more!.?!

CD $14.75

01/06/2017 70049800582 

CR 058 CD 

2XLP $30.25

01/06/2017 700498005814 

CR 058 

Tapeworm Blues (1992 Demos) by New Bomb Turks

New Bomb Turks

Tapeworm Blues (1992 Demos)

***Six song crude, rude and loud punkrock blort recorded four months prior to the epic Destroy-Oh- Boy! sessions in Columbus.?! Two never-heard originals—"Tapeworm Blues," and "Drug Chicks," plus four cuts later re-recorded for D-O-B.?! Liner notes by IRVING AZLIK JR., much-renowned industry head.?! Vinyl only release.?! No Export outside of North America..?!

10" $17.95

01/06/2017 700498010313 

CR 103