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***It has been a decade since NIGHT BIRDS exploded onto the scene, resuscitating the surf-inspired '80s hardcore sound that fans continuously flock to. With a style akin to the likes of Adolescents, Germs, and Dead Kennedys, Night Birds bring an epileptic energy that defies the listener to sit still. Through three full-length albums the band continues to deliver their signature onslaught of throwback-meets-modern hardcore. As with their live show, this is prevalent on their latest mini-album Roll Credits. With the addition of original guitarist MIKE HUNCHBACK, their frenetic energy reaches a whole new level throughout Roll Credits’ eight tracks. By keeping the record concise, fans can expect this album to be a lean combination of the band’s best elements. From the propulsive, self-deprecating “Onward to Obscurity” (featuring guest vocals from POISON IDEA's JERRY A.) to the fantastically tongue-in-cheek “My Dad Is the BTK,” you won’t find a whiff of filler on this thing.

LP $25.50

09/21/2018 751097010716 

FAT 107 

CD $9.60

09/21/2018 751097010723 

FAT 107 CD 

Mutiny at Muscle Beach by Night Birds

Night Birds

Mutiny at Muscle Beach
Fat Wreck Chords

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! In 2009 NIGHT BIRDS resuscitated the surf-inspired 80s hardcore sound and have been cranking it to a new level ever since. Mutiny at Muscle Beach, the band’s third full-length and first on Fat Wreck Chords, is an unrepentantly raw blast of punk rock that evokes the spirit of Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Germs, D.I., and Circle Jerks. The 12 tracks are further developed with Night Birds' integration of modern influences, a referential aesthetic, and a healthy dose of passionate innovation. From “(I’m) Wired” to “In the Red/In the Black” to the title track, Mutiny at Muscle Beach brims with an epileptic energy that defies the listener to sit still. Just like Night Birds live show, this album is an unbridled onslaught of throwback-meets-modern hardcore that never stops to take a breath.

LP $25.50

10/30/2015 751097094815 

FAT 948 

CD $13.25

10/09/2015 751097094822 


MC $9.25

10/30/2015 751097094846 

FAT 948 MC 

Maimed For The Masses by Night Birds

Night Birds

Maimed For The Masses
Fat Wreck Chords

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The high-octane surf-inspired punk rock band NIGHT BIRDS formed in the spring of 2009, and hail from the New Jersey shore and Brooklyn, NY. After one listen it only seems right that these guys spawn from the same state that brought such class acts as the Misfits and Adrenalin OD. While they take cues from the greats of 1980’s hardcore/punk bands like the Circle Jerks, Zero Boys, Adolescents, and Dead Kennedys, they manage to keep their sound fresh, while consistently taking it to that next level. The title track is the first taste of their upcoming full length, while the B-side contains 3 rippers exclusive to this EP. All 4 songs bristle with the surf-guitar twinged old school punk sound that Night Birds have made their own. (STREET DATE - 5/07/2013)

7" $6.00

05/07/2013 751097026571