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Nomenclature Diablerie

***BACK IN PRINT!!! Occasionally, amid the deluge of new music and the endless procession of reissues, some truly remarkable, nearly forgotten recording rises to the surface. Such is the case with NOMENCLATURE DIABLERIE's 888 demo. Formed in Sydney, Australia in 1988, Nomenclature Diablerie was a short-lived project based on songs written by guitarist MATTY BOOMSTICKS. Originally released in 1988 in an edition of around 500 tapes, and pressed again in 1999 as a very poor sounding 7” limited to 200, these tracks have never been given a proper release until now. Presented here as a 45 RPM 12” with full size cover art, this definitive reissue is intended to restore Nomenclature Diablerie to its proper place in the canon of Australian extreme metal.

LP $17.75