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Not Waving & Dark Mark

“Inspired, wholly unexpected collaboration between legendary singer songwriter Mark Lanegan and Ecstatic maverick Alessio Natalizia aka Not Waving - a timeless, modernist fusion of barrel-aged narratives and diverse, experimental backdrops, RIYL Scott Walker, Conny Plank & Moebius, David Sylvian...  Following Not Waving’s stellar recent recordings with Jim O’Rourke , Colin Potter & Jay Glass Dubs, ‘Downwelling’ finds him in a striking Pas de deux with alt. rock god Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, QOTSA). It’s one of those rare link-ups that truly transcends the sum of its parts, with Not Waving’s rolling range of nuanced electronics acting as backdrops for Lanegan’s smoky barritone storytelling. Delivered in a husky but pliable voice that has come to define the American alternative rock scene since the early ‘90s, Lanegan inhabits the songs with a reserved presence that has served him well for decades, but which has never been heard in quite this context. Pairing music recorded by Natalizia between London, Italy, and Paris over the past five years, with vocals recorded by Lanegan in LA, the duo arrive at dreamy non-place that’s not defined by geography or time. Instead the album offers a timeless insight into human behaviour, as reflected in the sleeve art details from the ‘Lights of Canopus’, a Persian version of the ancient Indian book of animal fables, the ‘Panchatantra.’ Thanks to Lanegan’s classically dusty tone - famously described as being “scratchy as a three day beard yet as supple as moccasin leather” - and the breadth of Not Waving’s...

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