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Driks Ultra Three by N-prolenta


Driks Ultra Three
Halcyon Veil

North Carolina, USA’s N-Prolenta hits Rabit’s Halcyon Veil with a severe, discombobulating trio of cuts to mark their solo debut proper after appearances on the Non Worldwide Compilation Vol.1 and production for Serpentwithfeet in the past year.  Driks Ultra Three draws upon the claustrophobia of living next to a massive military base, and the boundaries of societal structures, to forge a way or method of expressing the tension and limits experienced by those who fall beyond those parameters.  The slashing string harpies of NeoD make a smart first incision, operating on an electrified highline between Lotic’s warped R&B and Lorenzo Senni’s elusive trance peaks, before Sizz resolves to not resolve a pensive blend of militant drums and cartoonishly giddy chromatic squabble right on the edge of sanity, whereas thingthing feels to flesh out the frequency spectrum with a pensive but slightly lusher, ambiguously positive display of spiralling arpeggios and calving new age chords held under a glassy ceiling.  It’s freaky and damn compelling with it. Exactly what we’d expect from Rabit’s steadily expanding label.

MP3 $2.97

08/12/2016 5060165482184 


FLAC $3.99

08/12/2016 5060165482184