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Rich Old White Men by OBN IIIs


Rich Old White Men

***In the wake of last autumn's killer 4th LP, Worth A Lot Of Money, Austin's OBN III's have returned to the studio with producer MIKE MCCARTHYand emerged with two, way-too-perfect-for-an-election-year songs, "Rich Old White Men and "On The Verge Of Collapse."If the last album represented another leap forward in ORVILLE NEELEY's skill set, both of these songs suggest Neeley's guitar partnership with TOM TRIPLETT (SNOOTY GARBAGEMEN, BLAXXX, THE REAL ENERGY) is gonna pay crazy dividends for some time to come. Rippers of this quality probably aren't gonna put a halt to a plethora of "rock is dead" essays; those are typically penned by folks can't be bothered to open this email, let alone buy a fucking record. The rest of you, however, the savvy characters with guts, imagination, any sort of critical faculties (and did I mention impervious to flattery?)—you're gonna figure this out pretty fast.

7" $7.25


12XU 090-7 

Worth A Lot Of Money by OBN IIIs


Worth A Lot Of Money

***Austin's mighty OBN IIIs return to the fray with a twin guitar juggernaut in the form of Worth A Lot Of Money, the most fully realized, unrelenting OBN III's album to date. For a guy with zero to prove in the songwriting sweepstakes, ORVILLE NEELEY's emerged with both the catchiest and most raging material of his 29 years, and however many echoes you might catch of say, Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo or Sonics Rendezvous Band, the current quartet of Neeley (now on guitar + vocals), guitarist TOM TRIPLETT (THE REAL ENERGY, SNOOTY GARBAGEMEN, BLAXX), bassist MICHAEL ANDREW GOODWIN (MASSAGENIST, LOW TIME) and MARLEY JONES (ex-SWEET TALK) are ridiculously locked in. Recorded with the assistance of producer MIKE MCCARTHY (Cherubs, Spoon, A Giant Dog), though Worth A Lot Of Money might be a quantum leap forward in recording quality for this band, there’s no trickery in action, as anyone who’s seen these guys on multiple continents over the last year can attest. In Triplett, Neeley’s got a virtuoso-level guitar foil; in Goodwin & Jones, the foundation for, well, greatness. That’s the goal, anyway.

LP $15.50


12XU 084-1 

Live In San Francisco by OBN IIIs


Live In San Francisco
Castle Face

Castle Face Records presents the latest installment of the Live in San Francisco series, courtesy of OBN III’s (Tic Tac Totally, 12XU, Matador).  “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s this: Don’t buy drugs from strangers on the street while wasted. A simple yet effective rule. Evidently no one told these reckless Texans, OBN III’s. We’ve captured them at their sweatiest for our Live in San Francisco series at the Chapel, from the kickoff shows of the tour with Thee Oh Sees last fall…. “These dudes are animals, period. This live recording is mixed like a hot pan on the brain, and it captures the raw live energy of a great OBN III’s show. Just about every night from note one, Orville [Bateman Neeley III] is in the crowd touching faces of fans and making OBN virgins uncomfortable. Let them touch your face (ewww).” —John Dwyer

LP $19.00

07/22/2014 819162015490 


CD $12.00

07/22/2014 819162015506 

CF 039 CD 

MP3 $7.92

07/22/2014 819162015490 

CF 039 LP 

FLAC $8.99

07/22/2014 819162015506 


Live At Wfmu by OBN IIIs


Live At Wfmu

***A June 2012 12-song set from Austin's OBN III's featuring songs from their two Tic Tac Totally studio LP's, recorded live at WFMU's Jersey City studios. Limited. edition of 400. No download card.

LP $14.75


12XU 049