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Hospital Productions presents: emerging from the nether regions of times not spoken and lands raised with blood Old Tower pays homage and servitude to the drachen. moving away from the streams of modern decay and following the ancient path laid bare by cold meat industry, metgumbnerbone and tangerine dream ‘drachenblut’ shows the synthesized pact of organized ancient electronics. hail the spirit of feudal darkness and clotted blood coagulating in the shadows! arriving on the nearly extinct 7” format for the first time but make no mistake dear mortals, 'drachenblut' presents 3 of the most intricate and hypnotic tracks from the specter. short in length like the life span inside the drachen’s breath this archaic ep will leave the forsaken listener into a trance of self destruction honoring the horrific mythology returning to revenge our time.

MP3 $2.97

10/19/2018 655035171500 


FLAC $3.99

10/19/2018 655035171500