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Our Love Will Destroy The World

Witness the latest rebirth of Campbell Kneale. It has happened before, and probably will again. This Featherston, New Zealand, artist is on the forefront of the world noise scene, having cut his teeth for a decade in Birchville Cat Motel and more recently as Our Love Will Destroy the World.  Carnivorous Rainbows is electronic music at its most relentless; four tracks of pure, hot skree constantly rebuilding like a viper’s unpredictable strike. Some percussion rattles throughout, a few instruments are arguably perceptible, and a beautiful harmony of intensity creates a gorgeous tapestry of sounds.

LP $17.50

06/09/2015 600197010617 

BING 106 

MP3 $7.99

06/09/2015 600197010617 


FLAC $9.90

06/09/2015 600197010617 


***Jawdropping new collection of crop circles etched in sonic candy-floss by New Zealand's beardsmith/noise-farmer CAMPBELL KNEALE (BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL). Rated by the horses mouth as the best thing he ever made, EVER, 'Blue Eyes Are My Reward' shimmers like an icicle-clad forest resplendent in its own crystalline magnificence. Snakecharming groove, dublike boomph, and bleary eyed strum blast the path out of a decidedly greying world of so-so metalized-myspace-drone, into a miniaturized drone-prairie of superpowered starshine and dazzling stellar- commotion. Beyond the tyrannous clutches of omnipresent zeroes and ones, the macro and micro merge into an all encompassing nowhere of sound, each expansion checked by equal contraction like Messaens 'modes of limited transportation' scrambled by the Large Hadron Collider and replayed by one of those little twinkly watch reflections that occasionally dance around on the roof. Beautiful. 180-gram vinyl, everything by Campbell Kneale.

LP $21.45