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Slit Wrist Rock N Roll / I’m Gonna Be Everything by Overnight Lows

Overnight Lows

Slit Wrist Rock N Roll / I’m Gonna Be Everything

***Jackson, Mississippi, is not known as a hotbed of punk rock, but Los Angeles is the film capitol of the world, and when has a good movie come out of there?! Never! Overnight Lows once again work to promote Jackson’s punk rock rep in two ways: This single rips brains. On the B-side they cover the legendary Ed Nasty and the Dopeds (comped on Killed By Death #7)—original Jackson punk rock royalty! Yes, the same Ed Nasty who stole the show at Gonerfest 6 performing with these same Overnight Lows! These two tracks that will remind everyone with ears that bad attitudes and loud guitars are all you need to be rock ’n’ roll stars.?! The single is Overnight Lows’ first release since their stellar long-player City of Rotten Eyes, also on Goner.?! Let it rip!.?!

7" $5.75


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MP3 $1.98

03/15/2011 655035006871 


City Of Rotten Eyes by Overnight Lows

Overnight Lows

City Of Rotten Eyes

***Goner Records is proud to release City Of Rotten Eyes, the debut of Jackson, Mississippi's OVERNIGHT LOWS.?! It's about time.?! MARSH and DAPHNE NABORS, guitar and bass, have been playing out as Overnight Lows ever since their previous band, THE COMAS, imploded in early 1995.?! Goner and many other labels have been badgering them for a record for years.?! Their reluctance to release anything until now reflects both their disdain for musical trends and their quest for a recording worthy of their sound.?! With City Of Rotten Eyes, they've achieved it. Playing everything "in the Key Of Hep C," the Overnight Lows mix a sick and sickened attitude with a classic Angry Samoans/Queers aesthetic: establish a blazing guitar riff, yell some memorable antisocial blather over it, hit a chorus, and get out.?! Who has time for anything else these days?! Overnight Lows aren't going to waste your time attempting to show you the path to enlightenment, or the way to your lover's heart.?!

LP $13.00

03/02/2010 880270315215 

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CD $12.00

02/16/2010 880270315123 


MP3 $9.90