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Micro-impressions Vol. 1 by Owings, Henry

Owings, Henry

Micro-impressions Vol. 1

Records have been pressed for close to a century, and now Henry Owing’s Micro Impressions Vol. 1 shows that literally anybody can put out one of these damned things. Recorded live to nobody at 529 in Atlanta, Chunklet’s benevolent potentate rewards the listener with several dozen of his one second band impressions. Even the 30-inch long sleeve is worthy of framing! Designed by Nolen Strals (Post Typography), Owings asked all of his “friends” to review this release and all the reviews are included. Why hadn’t anybody thought of this before? Probably just too stupid!  “Testimony to Chunklet majordomo Henry Owings’s oftentimes twisted outlook on life. Each impression is spot-on in its own way, however, and if you find yourself scratching your head over one that goes over your head, never fear—in about a second, you’ll be laughing your ass off so hard that you’ll drown out the next three portrayals.” —Fred Mills

7" $9.75


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MP3 $1.98

09/08/2017 647603399041 

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FLAC $2.99

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