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Afflicting The Dichotomy Of Trepid Creation by Pale Chalice

Pale Chalice

Afflicting The Dichotomy Of Trepid Creation

***Progagating intensely memorable yet brutal riffs, devoid of filler, the band's lyrics are dark and abstract, with influences which range from introverted psychosis to dimensional anomalies. Recorded at Death Midi Soundlab by NAVENE KOPERWEIS (drummer for Animals as Leaders), the expansive foursong Afflicting The Dichotomy Of Trepid Creation EP captures nearly half-an-hour of this fairly new yet wholly ripened act's honed, black metal skills, bearing more content and gritty traction than many full-length releases from the genre we'll see released throughout the coming year. The outfit that would become PALE CHALICE was born as 2008 was dying off, essentially bearing three founding members: ORAM EVAD, MASTHANTRIC NODRAB and BANEIST NONRUTIN. A plethora of bassists and vocalists persisted through the years, until early 2010, when EPHEMERAL DOMIGNOSTIKA (MASTERY, PANDISCORDIAN NECROGENESIS, ex-HORN OF DAGOTH) and GROBAHN HUV were added as permanent members. 28-minutes of expertly executed and well written black bile performed with more conviction than one-hundred ‘standard black metal bands’ of today.

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