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Right Tonight by Pampers


Right Tonight
In The Red

***Four brand new tracks from Brooklyn's Pampers. Anyone who dug their self-titled debut album from last year (or the two singles that preceded it) will no doubt flip for these four new slabs of thug punk. Hints of pop hooks and post-punk song structures struggle to be identified amid the break-neck pace. Great stuff!

7" $6.00


ITR 278 

MP3 $3.96

12/23/2014 759718527872 


FLAC $4.99

12/23/2014 759718527872 


After two incredible 7-inch singles released on the band’s own excellent Jack Shack Records, Brooklyn’s Pampers are proud to announce their debut full-length on In The Red. Pampers are a four-piece—two guitars, bass and drums, plus echo-laden vocals—and there’s a postmodern art-punk angle afoot here, yet the band’s relentless, breakneck tempos and all-out aggression tilt more punk than art. Self-described as “thug pop,” the band’s sound is a brutal, psyched-out pummeling with hooks fighting to be heard beneath the din. It’s certainly more thug than pop. Produced by Ben Greenberg of The Men, Pampers’ twelve tracks explode with opener “Eruptions” and don’t let up until “Head Bag” fizzles out in a whirl of guitar noise and equipment buzz. Everything in between is a cavernous whomp of mongoloid vox, primitive drumming and a cloud of warped sonics swirling above the rock ’n’ roll thud.  “I only caught the last song of Pampers’ set and mainly remember them being very, very loud.” —Brooklyn Vegan  “They’re awesome and you all are missing out by not seeing them perform. Seriously, they’re great.” —Impose

LP $16.00

11/12/2013 759718524512 

ITR 245 LP 

CD $12.00

10/29/2013 759718524529 

ITR 245 CD 

MP3 $9.90

10/29/2013 759718524529