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Source Cognitive Drive - Transmissions 1996-1998 by Paper Eyes

Paper Eyes

Source Cognitive Drive - Transmissions 1996-1998
Ecstatic Recordings

Not Waving compiles the prescient, early work of Gavin Russom from the late ‘90s, reflecting the visceral and overwhelming experience of an artist getting familiar with the data overload of a megatropolis and all its 24 hour thrills and poly-cultural topography. Original tapes re-mastered by Matt Colton...In effect, these tracks are a series of snapshots or graffiti-like doodles and sketches of the feelings and and textures absorbed during late night dérives from his loft on 31st St. and around the Williamsburg locale, all channelled thru a rugged set-up including: Sony TC-155 and TC-102 reel-to-reel tape machines a Silvertone guitar, ATUS AM100 mixer, Boss Harmonizer, a tiny Radio Shack mic, a Radio Shack Realistic Electronic Reverb, Casio MT-40, Univox Compac 2 and Casio SA-41.Imagery of policemen and truck drivers picking up prostitutes, along with the whistling signals of crack buyers and sellers on the corner become transcribed into screeching scrabble and blow-out paroxysms of noise, interspersed with passages of bittersweet, rudimentary melody and swaggering, drugged-up rhythms, recalling a prickly and often uncomfortable experience as sticky, fucked-up and phantasmagoric as finding yourself in a new city can be.As Russom explains: “Arriving in New York City I found myself surrounded by an incredibly intense field of stuff to take in; late night radio mixes which featured distinctly New York sounds like freestyle and hip hop, clubs where house, techno and jungle played to drugged-out and/or completely sober sweaty crowds and beard scratchers alike, no wave, new wave, disco, afro-carribean, art rock and experimental...

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