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All The Kids Are Dead by Party Bat

Party Bat

All The Kids Are Dead
Rolled Gold

***Recorded in the UFC (Unusually Fucking Cramped) Octagon Recording Facility on the shitty super computer. It was BAT and DUDE up there kicking the mic stands over and feeding dogs because we always record with dogs when possible. Imagine a nerd trying to figure out a rubicks cube. Imagine a black-gloved hand blow-torching the shit out of that rubicks cube. That is the PARTY BAT experience. Party Bat has burned the rubicks cube into a state of gelatinous black marshmallows and you get to eat it. Take the communion of 18 tracks that got loose from the dungeon. Some recorded in the UFC (Unusually Fucking Cramped) Octagon by referee HERB DEEN. Some recorded with UN-TUNED guitars at House of 1,000 Headaches while in a state of mind. All inspired by drugs, parties, Halloween, robots, cowboys and sex Indians. We played this one in the Bat's original flooded basement on the tape machine sometimes. There was clearly tortures that happened in this place. The Bat even blew off a toe in that place. The Bat destroyed on the drumming but his arms was burnt after by a gasoline lamp we thought was cool, and Strawberry Richards kicked off his "solo" career hard. We got into some acoustic shit, and Dude D could not drum yet so he did the low-toned stabby guitar turned up too high just like we like it so fuck off! You must feel it to eat it to smell it to taste it....and that's what you need...

MC $6.30



MP3 $9.90

07/30/2013 655035005140