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She’s The Kinda Girl by Penetrators


She’s The Kinda Girl

***Slovenly Recordings is amped to announce a new single from our long time heroes THE PENETRATORS! This is the first new material from the native Syracuse, NY punk rock lifers since their 2008 Slovenly long player “Bad Woman,” and the two tracks here are just as demented as their legendary 70s / 80s sessions. “She’s the Kinda Girl” is lascivious cave-punk, showing The Penetrators' uncanny knack for always sounding like themselves, while the strangely robotic flipside “Take A Stand” is the new anthem urging you to STAND UP AND GIVE A DAMN! A super fine slab from the original Kings of Basement Rock! (STREET DATE - 5/19/2015)

7" $8.50

05/19/2015 889211341696 


Kings Of Basement Rock by Penetrators


Kings Of Basement Rock

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Slovenly Recordings is psyched as all get-out to present a re-release of one of our favorite albums EVER: Kings of Basement Rock by the # 1 band in town, Syracuse NY’s legendary THE PENETRATORS! Out of print for years, this essential lo-fi garage-punk master-piece-o’-crud has been remastered from a copy of the original 1986 Fred Records release for supreme filth. The twelve songs in this set were recorded between 1976 and ‘84, making The Penetrators one of the very few original punk bands to spew forth a bitchin ‘60s punk sound, right along with contemporaries Ramones and DMZ. Totally classic lease-breaking tracks abound here, from the ridiculously howling “Teenage Lifestyle,” to The Penetrator’s theme song “#1 Band In Town,” and the all-time dancefloor stomping, burger munching “Shopping Bag” Consider yourselves lucky we're forcing this platter out on the world one mo' time... DO NOT MISS!

LP $15.50

06/25/2013 887516964046 


Basement Anthology by Penetrators


Basement Anthology

***A collection of tracks recorded between 1976 and 1982 by Syracuse legends the PENETRATORS. The band’s liberal use of gigantic bumble bee guitar rip, paper tommy gun snare attack, echoed vocal proclamations of eternal rock’n’roll lore, creates an irrefutable artistic statement that has been lost to the ages until now. STREET DATE - 04/26/2005

CD $12.00

04/25/2005 823777012980 

SWA 129 CD 

MP3 $7.99