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Personal And The Pizzas

***REISSUED!!! Originally issued by 1-2-3-4- Go! Records and now back in print on its new home of Slovenly Recordings, Raw Pie is the debut 12” from New Jersey alley rats PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS—collecting their previously released singles and out of print for a decade—still piping hot and greasy enough to dab with your napkin. Hear classics like “Tear Jerker,” “I Can Reed” and “Pepperoni Eyes” again for the thousandth time on fresh wax, and now available in limited edition pizza sauce red! “Listen If: You love the Ramones, have outgrown Weird Al, and your sense of humor is twisted as Little Caeser’s crazy bread.”—Rolling Stone “Claiming to hail from the Garden State, the band heaps a Benny Tudino’s-sized slice of ham onto songs about chains, brass knuckles, and, most importantly, pizza–the cornerstone of any punk’s diet.”—Village Voice “(Personal and the Pizzas) Combine a generous helping of ’60s garage influence with a dash of pop sensibil-ity, and top it off with Joey Ramone’s vocal styling, and what results is vintage-tinged but far from uninspired.”—Onion AV Club

LP $16.10

07/22/2022 198000819231 

702 267 

***Hey you little jerks! Dig into the supreme sizzle of this piping hot 12” pie from the greatest freakin band in the world, PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS! You get seven out of print 7” toppings from Oops Baby, Trouble In Mind and Total Punk, wood fired at like a thousand degrees and melting over five freakin layers of new recipe crust. “Bored Outta My Brains”... you remember that shit? Kept a few of us from blowing our brains out a couple times and it’s got the taste we keep coming back for. But yo. “Joanie.” Fuck. Personal goes creep and all a sudden I gotta wash my face. When you eat out you ricotta. New on the menu: “Concentration Camp” was pulled outta the hottest oven in the game, and the record jacket dethrones “Tres Hombres” as the freshest spread ever. You should call it “Tre Uomini.” You ready to learn something you little brats? Hot hot hot! Includes out of print singles along with five brand new tracks. Housed in full-color gatefold jackets. (STREET DATE - 12/02/2016)

LP $15.50

12/02/2016 190394597955