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Pharaohs (surprisingly not a surf band, considering their name and proximity to Los Angeles) cover a range of styles on their newest three-track 12-inch for Intercoastal Artists.?! Epic opener “Manhunter” sounds like the mutant grandchild of no-wave / “Naïve Funk” late-1970s / early-1980s New York City.?! Think 99 Records, Sleeping Bag or ZE, throw in some Madchester, then tiptoe past Gottsching’s E2-E4, and you’re close.?! If Arthur Russell (RIP) guested on this track, it wouldn’t be a surprise.?! The other two cuts are roughly new age, but with one distinction—the filth oozing off the sax on “Nature Lovers” is more shocking and sleazy than any Wolf Eyes track.?! Of course, shocking in the most serene way possible.?! That said, either could be a lost backing track to an early Roxy Music album.?! The only things missing are Bryan Ferry’s voice and Eno’s plummage.?!

12" $12.00

10/29/2013 655035699219 

IA 007 

MP3 $2.97

10/01/2013 655035699219 


Replicant Moods by Pharaohs


Replicant Moods
100% Silk

Not Pharaoh—one guy, one MIDI controller—but Pharaohs, plural: a dance band and magical rarity amid the lorn ’Lesis landscape of solo producers and desktop DJs.  Bunkered between an arrangement of stackable synths, the Pharaohs squad jams workshop-style, an endearing, funky, spirited live-thrive.?! Replicant Moods is one part airy coastal jazz, that Ibeatha-meets-Madchester baggy style the group melted soles with on their first 12-inch Uhh Uhh, and two parts sci-fi soar into the new age, complete with Philip K.?! Dick winks, tech-know wonks and sleek Daft Punk-choreographed boogies.?!

LP $13.00

04/16/2013 655035824512 

SILK 045 LP 

CD $12.00

04/16/2013 655035824529 

SILK 045 CD 

MP3 $7.92

04/16/2013 655035824529 


***Cat in the Hat hats off to mad Madchester vibes in PHARAOHS debut “Uhh Uhh.” You’ll have Happy Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays bouncing around to Pharaohs’ electric piano keys, synthetic drum pads, funky ‘80s breakdowns, and pitch shifted way down vocal samples.?! A lot of freaky dancing went into this jangly, baggy World Party: Dublab aesthetics, memories of Buenos Aires bootleg cassettes, wave bending in Waikiki, Suzanne arts and Kraft.?! Add a bit of bubbly St.?! Germain acid, a pinch of ‘60s extended jazz grooves, a dash of ‘80s KLF big band UK nonsense, and a touch of 94.7 fm liquid sax/velvet breath and you’ve got the deep pleasure of Pharaohs.?! Like nothing the SILK has seen before; taking the shiny dance floor to the warehouse cement floor, to the sandy patio floor for some hot, hot Hacienda nights..?!

12" $12.25

10/18/2011 655035009315 

SILK 012 

MP3 $3.96

10/18/2011 655035009315