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Bringer Of Drought by Phobocosm


Bringer Of Drought
Dark Descent

Montreal's Phobocosm has returned from the abyss with another offering of oppressive and ambient death metal.?! The band's newest album, Bringer Of Drought, is an exploration into uncharted darkness.?! A deeper and more intense experience than its 2014 predecessor, Deprived, Bringer Of Drought features 35 minutes of soul-reaping, doom-infused death. Mixed and mastered by Colin Marston.?! Bringer Of Drought was unleashed May 13 on Dark Descent Records..?!

CD $12.00

08/02/2019 616822129623 

DDR 156 CD 

The long-awaited debut full-length from Montreal's Phobocosm is upon us.?! Several years in the making, Deprived is a suffocating and beastly dark death metal album with injections of doom, black and ambient elements throughout.?! Eight songs, 47 minutes.?! 16 page booklet, with gatefold jacket..?!

LP $19.00

08/02/2019 610585202326 

DDR 108 

CD $9.50

08/02/2019 767870658709 

DDR 108 CD