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Girlfriend’s Lover by Piano Movers

Piano Movers

Girlfriend’s Lover
Fruits & Flowers

***For the uninformed among you, NODZZZ tore up the West Coast in the late ‘00s; their pithy debut single “I Don’t Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)” was an underground hit if such a thing exists, while their second nearly posthumous LP Innings (Woodsist) with its heavier lyrics and lyrical guitars is an unheralded pop classic. Frontman ANTHONY ATLAS relocated to his native East Coast and began collaborating with drummer PETER HILTON and lead guitarist SEAN MONAGHAN on a band called PIANO MOVERS. For us Piano Movers belongs in the lineage of musicians who tuck in their shirts and wear glasses: The Feelies, The Embarassment and any number of angular pop bands haunting Athens, Georgia in the early '80s. While the Nodzzz neurotic energy and humor is intact, Piano Movers sound and content is more three dimensional, their debut single gorgeously captured in a hi-fi setting by JARVIS T. from Woods.

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