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Buoy / But For The Waves by Pigeons


Buoy / But For The Waves
Soft Abuse

***Featuring two new songs not on the upcoming album The Bower due on Mie Records in 2015, this single finds PIGEONS after a point of regrouping. Since Sweetheartstammers, the band relocated from Bronx, NY to upstate NY, lost their rhythm section to Steve Gunn and regrouped as a trio with the addition of boss drummer ROB SMITH (RHYTON). The new single finds the band in a dissonant, yet pastoral rock mode, recalling Future Games-era Fleetwood Mac & Tommy Flanders’ The Moonstone. Limited edition vinyl-only release. Includes a download.

7" $7.75


SAB 070 

MP3 $1.98

08/14/2015 647603396873 

SAB 070 

FLAC $2.99

08/14/2015 647603396873 

SAB 070 

***Bronx duo PIGEONS wade closer to the edge of ambitious pop provocations with their third LP, Liasons. Here we find the band in the midst of an enormous creative leap; the psychedelic chanson moves of previous releases now cohabit with spacious westcoast art-blues and wistful cosmic folk tunes, invoking Catherine Ribeiro, Brigitte Fontaine, and Opal. Pigeons singular approach to structure, arrangements & production techniques—mirrored by the willful license in spelling Liasons—culminate with WEDNESDAY KNUDSEN & CLARK GRIFFIN lacing their songs with flute, saxophone, echo, drum machines and languid guitar lines. Includes two songs in French, one of which is a take on "Laisse Tomber les Filles" by Serge Gainsbourg. LP limited to 500 copies.

LP $16.00



CD $13.50

11/23/2010 707541268790 

SAB 045 CD