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Piscis Clangor by Piranhas


Piscis Clangor
In The Red

Detroit's Piranhas have carved quite a reputation for themselves in their short existence. Their live shows have been described as terrifying, confrontational, dangerous, offensive, intrusive and confusing amongst other things (all of it quite accurate). With live shows legendary for their violence and mayhem it has somehow been overlooked that the band is also responsible for some of the most original music going today. Punk? Prog? No Wave? It's all of these and none of them. Screaming vocals, frantic tempos, fractured song structures, left-field time changes, whirling carnival organ all executed with a demented sheen of pure art damage that would make The Residents proud. The Piranhas vinyl-only EP is presented with loads of pretension and no apologies - eight songs in exactly 23 minutes.

12" $12.00


ITR 114 

Erotic Grit Movies by Piranhas


Erotic Grit Movies
In The Red

This hotly anticipated debut album from Detroit, Michigan's The Piranhas delivers on the promise of the band's two seven-inch singles and twelve-inch single released on the Tom Perkins and Rock n' Roll Blitzkrieg labels. These early releases have garnered rave reviews and helped land them on the cover of Maximum Rock'n'Roll. Their chaotic live shows have earned them a reputation as one of the few truly primal and dangerous bands around. Their music is a violent head-on collision between art-skronk abstraction and raw punk savagery. Like a mutant cross between Hearpen-era Pere Ubu and Damaged-era Black Flag, with a dose of mid-'70s Cleveland punk poured over the top for good measure. Yet they still sound like nothing else you've heard before.   "The Piranhas fucking destroy. The Piranhas may be the best band of this era. Art damage punk that is so brutal and primordial that it's unbelievable. They make me want to pull my intestines out and chop on them! They make me want to drill through my own hand! I AM NOT FUCKING KIDDING!!! I totally lose my shit over these guys. If you haven't heard any of their shit you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to modern punk. Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Shit!!! DESTROY YOURSELF!!! GET FUCKING PRIMAL!!!" -Horizontal Action

LP $12.00

11/12/2002 759718508925 

itr 89lp 

CD $12.00

11/12/2002 759718508925 

itr 89CD 

MP3 $9.90

11/12/2002 759718508925