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***Cleveland's PLEASURE LEFTISTS return with The Gate, a new ten song album of cathartic, riveting post-punk excellence.?! The long-running group, comprised of veteran players in the Clevo scene, have turned in what is arguably their best recorded output—and the first since 2015's The Woods of Heaven.?! For The Gate, PL ventured out to Portland, OR in March 2019 to record on tape with STAN WRIGHT (Arctic Flowers)—and the results are massive.?! Those familiar with previous PL material will immediately feel reacquainted with the group's masterful arrangements and cool, confident execution—a style that draws from the early British post-punk classics on labels like 4AD and Factory Records, but retains an organic, original sound that few contemporary acts harness.?! While The Gate undoubtedly benefits from the best studio sound of any PL release to date, the musicianship is what makes this album feel like an absolutely classic piece of work.?!

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The Woods Of Heaven by Pleasure Leftists

Pleasure Leftists

The Woods Of Heaven

***PLEASURE LEFTISTS formed in 2010 with vocalist HALEY MORRIS, guitarist KEVIN JAWORSKI, drummer MARK TERVEEN, and bassist STEVE PEFFER.?! With a clear vision in place, the group made its debut with a self-titled EP that recalls everything from Joy Division to Comsat Angels to Chameleons.?! Unlike many who rip off these influences, Pleasure Leftists take only a few cues from the past, all to better construct its understanding of the present.?! The Woods of Heaven is the band's first proper LP after a string of EPs and singles through labels such as Katorga Works, Fan Death Records, and its current home, Deranged Records.?! This album features an aggressive tone with tense yet catchy songs such as "Cannon" and "Heaven's Rocker." Lead single "You You” is a perfect showcase of just how impressive a vocalist Haley Morris is—not only in her range but in her audible confidence, which propels every track like an engine motor.?! The Woods of Heaven is a jaw-dropping debut full-length.?!

LP $16.00

08/28/2015 724101983818 


Pleasure Leftists by Pleasure Leftists

Pleasure Leftists

Pleasure Leftists

On the follow-up to their 2 song EP on Katorga Works (which features both songs off the EP), PLEASURE LEFTISTS have expanded upon the moody post-punk they're known for.?! With these songs, however, the chorusy bass is much more prominent than on their 12 inch debut EP and brings a darker feel to the sound.?! On first listen it seems easy to compare that sound to that of bands like Masshysteri or Terrible Feelings, but give it a few more spins and you begin to find a lot more depth and weirdness than the often straight-forward approach of the aforementioned.?! The most notable standout of PL for me is the rare and fiercely original vocal approach of lead singer HALEY.?! Prior to being recruited, Haley was known for her radio show, and since has begun her own solo project called KIERMAN PARADISE, which sheds light on a more electronic synthy background.?!

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Elephant Man / Not Over by Pleasure Leftists

Pleasure Leftists

Elephant Man / Not Over
Katorga Works

***In a 2013 music universe over-saturated with post-punk zombies, Cleveland's PLEASURE LEFTISTS have forged a sound all their own.?! Their 2011 debut EP on Fan Death established the band as a contender in the world of gloomy thumping, but they are set apart by an aggressive rhythm section and haunting incantations that can only be characterized as an ecstatic celebration of the human voice.?! This 7" features two new songs that push the limits of a doomsday worldview's pop sensitivity..?!

7" $5.40


KW 027 

***“On their debut six-song 12-inch, Cleveland's PLEASURE LEFTISTS bring six tracks of driving, distant post-punk that skirts the monochrome gradient and darkened corridors of early gothic rock and death rock.?! The first band that we've worked with based on the strength of a demo, PL wowed us immediately with their fully-realized reverbed-out dark vision.?! The curious need look no further than leadoff track, ‘Nature Of Feeling’ an exercise in nervous tension featuring an urgent rhythm section, a saw blade-sharp guitar tone, topped with singer HALEY MORRIS’ low, morbid howl.?! The song ‘Suits’ progresses this sound further with its almost call to arms thumping bass.?! ‘Passage on a Ghost Ship’ is a mini epic where the vocals push and pull until the song bursts completely open.?!

12" $11.25


FDR 023