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***Received a 7.8 rating from Pitchfork. TIM PRESLEY, the dark force behind WHITE FENCE steps into the solo light with The Wink. Lit up within the shades and the folding conflex of his many musical outfits are the musical sparks that make Tim Presley come alive —but The Wink lives beyond all previous incarnations found in DRINKS, HAIR, White Fence and DARKER MY LOVE. Here, there’s fewer filters than ever between you and Tim. Working with the creative team of producer CATE LE BON, drummer STELLA MOZGAWA, and engineer SAMUR KHOULA, Tim’s located the corners of a perfect square, with their creativity and truth crafting unique parts to function as songs within songs, giving the tunes double-jointed features that extend their original intentions.

LP $21.50

09/16/2016 781484066217 


CD $13.75

09/16/2016 781484066224 


MC $8.50