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Drugs, Sex, & Discotheques by Prima Donnas

Prima Donnas

Drugs, Sex, & Discotheques

***Punk rock without guitars? Yep, a few kids who wore out their Huggy Bear and Nation of Ulysses records wanted to do something different and traded their guitars for keyboards, adopted pseudo-British accents, and began their US invasion in Austin, TX, during the winter of 1995. THE PRIMA DONNAS deliver dark, keyboard-driven Eurotrash with the raw punk energy of The Stooges, more pompous rock attitude than the Rolling Stones, and a conspicuous fashion sense that can't be blamed on anyone. This is no boring '80s nostalgia revival—just catchy tunes, danceable beats and witty lyrics about sex, drugs, suicide and depravity that want people to sit back, open their minds and spread their legs for a special kind of British Invasion. It's no coincidence they decided they were from Sussex.  Originally part of a manifesto calling for the creation of a new musical movement called "Nance," The Prima Donnas were only one of three bands OTTO, JULIUS, NIKKI, and NIGEL (RIP) had planned to further this cause. While The Prima Donnas were techno, they also had plans for a garage band (The Pilsner Kings) and a mod/punk outfit (Angels With Dirty Faces). The Prima Donnas toured the USA with The PeeChees in March 1998, and they played a few West Coast shows with Bratmobile in 1999, including the YoYo Pop Festival in Olympia. They also released a seven-inch as part of the Kill Rock Stars singles club last year.      

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