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Forever And Ever by Private Room

Private Room

Forever And Ever
Iron Lung

***The proper debut for the Pacific Northwest's purveyors of "that" music. It's hardcore punk, no denying it but Forever And Ever has a twisting tension that goes to a new and ugly place. It's not easy. Life's not easy. PRIVATE ROOM is a cynical, angry band with enough sarcasm and wit to make getting through it all just possible enough. There is hope. There is a forward trajectory. But there is a sharp and rocky path on the way. Includes a download.

LP $17.75


LUNGS 084 

***The first release for PRIVATE ROOM. It's the new WALLS band. Better songs, worse attitude. Strong. A two-song single to hold you until the LP drops later this year. The second 7" in the new series strictly limited to 300 copies ever. Black vinyl, stamped sleeve and labels. (STREET DATE - 3/18/2016)

7" $9.25