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This would be the first proper Quintron & Miss Pussycat full-length since 2011’s Sucre Du Sauvage, and the duo’s third for Memphis Tennessee’s weirdo-rock label Goner Records.?! Produced by Greg Cartwright (The Oblivians / Reigning Sound) and recorded on 2-inch tape at Gainesville Florida’s PULP ARTS studio, Goblin Alert picks up where Sucre Du Sauvage left off: snotty, semi-political, trash-anthems like, “Teenagers Don’t Know Shit”, “Stroller Pollution”, and “Buc-ee’s Got A Problem”.?! Also, for the first time ever, Quintron and Pussycat have ditched the drum machine in favor of New Orleans jazz-basher, Sam Yoger (Babes, AJ Davilla) on drum kit, and slinky Florida man, Danny Clifton (Room 13, Jane Jane Pollock) on hollow-body guitar.?! The resulting vibe is some kinda tweaked-out Miami disco dipped into a Mississippi mudslide, especially the tracks featuring Biloxi talk-box master, Benny Divine (aka Benni).?!

LP $17.50

11/06/2020 767870662713 

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CD $12.00

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***The cult of QUINTRON and MISS PUSSYCAT continues its California connection with this release from Wacky Wacko Records.?! Side A falls pretty much into Sunday Bar-B-Q slow jam territory and has been described by Quintron as, "the only song that shall ever be written about this particular thing".?! Side B is an instrumental reverbed out organ version of one of the greatest melodic riffs ever put to paper....Henry Mancini's "Theme From The Pink Panther".?!  .?!

7" $7.25


WW 007 

This is the ninth Quintron album.?! Brief research positions him at the forefront of the Chicago / Detroit noise scene in the early ’90s which included Wolf Eyes, Andrew W.K., Magas, 25 Suaves, Flying Luttenbachers, and The Scissor Girls.?! He broke away from the art/noise scene after his first two releases on the Bulb label and began developing the raw organ-driven electronic dance music he is known for now.?! He also opened an underground club in Chicago called Milk Of Burgundy to put on dance parties and shows for acts which were rejected by the established bar/club system — which he and Miss Pussycat continue to do at the Spellcaster Lodge in New Orleans.?! Quintron is probably most famous for inventing a bizarre light-activated electronic synthesizer called the Drum Buddy — kind of a lightbulb charged synth, crossed with a DJ turntable — which is as breathtaking to behold as it is to hear.?!

LP $9.75