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***BACK IN STOCK!!!  "The concept at Mind Meld is to give our favorite artists an outlet to create whatever kind of record they want in hopes of getting a better understanding of their cranial workings.?! There is no current artist more fascinating to me than QUINTRON and I'm honored he agreed to be our second release.?! Armed with a mellotron he turns in a six song instrumental 12" of late night exotica and wacked out dixieland.?! Each track sets a mood and leads the mind to wander through the fantastical.?! It's a party record but not of the lamp shade variety.?! Vibe music to get the soul dancing.?! Perfect for the late nite soiree, the dark basement lounge, or a tropical getaway.?! I can't think of a setting where this album wouldn't fit.?! Hell you could probably play this at a funeral and get the corpse moving.?! An album for daydreaming and night living.?!

LP $17.75


MM 02 

Europa My Mirror by Quintron


Europa My Mirror

This is the first book from New Orleans organist and inventor, Quintron: a multi-layered tome that pays tribute to the perilous world of devoted musical road-dawgs.?! The setting is Europe, but the book is just as much about the myriad illusions of American identity.?! A not-so-glamorous life in rock gets pulled apart to reveal vivid blood vessels running beneath the obvious.?! The tales are funny and thrilling—and mostly true.?! Someone almost dies on every page!Renowned puppeteer Panacea Theriac (aka Miss Pussycat) has contributed drawings throughout.?! Foreword by novelist and psychoanalyst Timothy Lachin.?! “If Dr.?! Frankenstein were working with raw material from Madame Curie, Delia Derbyshire, James Brown, and Wilhelm Reich, the result might be something like Quintron.?! Underground inventor, composer, record maker, impresario, and performer par excellence.?!

BK $22.00


144 GONE 

Sucre Du Sauvage by Quintron


Sucre Du Sauvage

Imagine being a kid in 2010 and finding yourself on a trip to the famous New Orleans Museum of Art.?! You pass by the Rodin sculpture on the grand marble stairway and the vaults of ancient Japanese pottery on the third floor; you breeze through the French impressionists, the Faberge collection, the Joseph Cornell and the Warhols in the modern wing.?! Then suddenly you pass through a soundproof glass door into a room with a crazed looking person wearing headphones, banging on an organ and screaming into an old microphone.?! Is this an exhibit?! The cacophonous display is indeed behind a velvet rope with a sign cautioning us not to speak to the screaming man.?! Why do portraits of sexy ladies cover every inch these solemn white walls?! What the @#!& is going on here? Witness the recording of the latest Quintron album, Sucre du Sauvage (“Sugar of the Savage”).?!

CD $12.00

04/12/2011 600385209021 


2XLP $20.25

04/12/2011 600385209014 

63 GONE 

MP3 $9.90

04/12/2011 600385209021 


Too Thirsty 4 Love by Quintron


Too Thirsty 4 Love

***"The tenth full length QUINTRON record and the first to be released on legendary Memphis label Goner Records.?! It's about fucking time.?! This album was recorded entirely live in a bizarre 2-track studio set deep in the heart of New Orleans’ now famous 9th Ward.?! The live tracks were then played back and sung over.?! Lets call this the ‘6th grade bedroom style’ of multi-tracking.?! For any interested equipment nerds, the Spellcaster Lodge studio consists of 4 microphones, one custom Neotek Series 1 board, and a 2 track tape deck.?! And a corkscrew.?! Quintron's musical partner MISS PUSSYCAT plays maracas and sings backup as well as entertaining all age groups with her highly amusing technicolor puppet shows.?! She has just recently finished filming a 10-episode puppet drama called Trixie And The Tree Trunks for VBS (Vice) TV.”.?!

LP $13.00


42 GONE 

CD $12.00

10/21/2008 880270242429 


MP3 $9.90

10/21/2008 880270242429 


***JAMSKATE is a 5 song 12 inch ep dominated by two versions of the mysterious swirling skate anthem, "JAMSKATE".?! This song has a cajun melody and a perfect skate tempo of 129 BPM.?! Drug problem is a classic song from New Orleans hardcore legends KAJUN SS - a band fronted by the legendary fucked up songwriter King Louie.?! Wild West is about post Katrina Bourbon St.?! and how the orange vest is the new cowboy hat.?! The comedy skit at the end is some rambling fantasy about taking over Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama.?! This EP is limited to 500 copies of vinyl only.....all hand-assembled by Q himself.?! ON TOUR WITH THE BLACK LIPS!!!.?!

12" $13.25


RSR 001 

MP3 $4.95

06/05/2007 613505416711 


These Hands Of Mine by Quintron


These Hands Of Mine
Skin Graft

***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! Rock'n'roll dance music from MR.?! QUINTRON's one-man organ-driven musical revue.?! Recorded live in various studios in New Orleans and Memphis with a li'l bit of help from the Drum Buddy, and MISS PUSSY CAT..?!

CD $13.75


GR 57 CD 

Frog Tape Lp by Quintron


Frog Tape Lp
Skin Graft

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The latest from New Orleans-based one-man musical army QUINTRON, and some of his most haunting, eerie, and moody work to date.?! Part haunted house recording, part field recording, the album features eight tracks of ghostly organ—including a demonstration of his new "backwards" playing technique—and Drum Buddy™ instrumentals, along with one track composed completely with actual singing frogs..?!

LP $10.25

11/02/2004 647216607212 

GR 72 LP 

CD $13.75


GR 72 CD