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Rainbow Gun Show

Cinderella Sizzle by Rainbow Gun Show

Rainbow Gun Show

Cinderella Sizzle

***Its not every day that we stumble upon a great new unexposed Chicago band doing something different, but today is that day, and we can't wait to lavish their irresistible pop noise on such an unassuming public. Formed as a bedroom synth pop project a few years ago, and now fully realized as a powerful live unit, RAINBOW GUN SHOW have arrived at the right place at the right time, and that doesn't seem to happen very often anymore. With their unusually cerebral production, a series of interestingly intricate melodic bridges, all liberally doused in handclaps and inebriated confidence beyond their years, they've managed to pull ahead of their contemporaries and carve out a spot in Midwest underground pop history with their incredibly effective and effervescent hooks & snarls, as evidenced on both spectacular sides of this debut single. Don't wait for your neighbors to catch on, grab ahold of Rainbow Gun Show's startling debut single and hang on tight!

7" $6.30


HZR 130 

MP3 $1.98

03/26/2013 655035193076