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No Expectation by Raydios


No Expectation
Secret Mission

***“Since their 2007 resurgence, THE RAYDIOS have proven themselves to be the band to carry Japanese garage-rock-n-roll on their backs, much like FINK’s previous outfits FIRESTARTER and TEENGENERATE did in the decade previous. Hot on the heels of their fifth single (released on Target Earth earlier this year), they turn to the new US label Secret Mission Records for their sixth EP, packed with three smash hits. All original tunes, all recorded for this release—these tunes are not outtakes or leftovers from other sessions. Finding the middle ground between his other bands, Fink packs these Raydios tunes with more power than pop, although the hooks will still snag your ears—you just might not realize it until after the guitars are done blowing your haircut off your head. ‘No Expectation’ is all action, the type of punk rock’n’roll The Kids originated and which Fink gives a harder Dictators-esque edge to here. ‘School Trash’ is a prime example of the riffy and angular pop-rock that Japanese bands have been working at perfecting since the Nineties—here Fink and the band might have finally achieved the perfection bands like Radio Shanghai and Registrators once sought out. ‘Faster’ closes in muscular fashion, with massive guitar crunch parting to reveal some streetwise Seventies-inspired glam-rock catchiness. A rare domestic release from one of Japan’s greatest imports, I’d suggest investing in multiple copies. 500 copies, with color pocket sleeves and download cards.”—Chuck Barrels/Terminal Boredom

7" $7.25


SMR 001 

***“Our first release from a Japanese band, and we couldn't really ask for a better one than this. For those not in the know, THE RAYDIOS is FINK from the legendary TEENGENERATE and current member of FIRESTARTER. This is their 2nd album, coming about 10 years (!) after their Demo LP on Screaming Apple. The CD version of Now is released by Japan's Mangrove Records last year (and is being distributed by Dirtnap in the USA), and is just now seeing the light of day on vinyl. It's been remastered for vinyl and remixed by Fink himself, and sounds GREAT. Musically this is no frills, crunchy, mid tempo rock n roll. Less trashy than Teengenerate, but not quite as ‘pop’ as Firestarter, this is kinda a middle ground between the two. Total dream release for Dirtnap. Pinch us.”

LP $16.00