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*** The noise mantras of twin sisters Rachal and Roxann Spikula transcribe the harsh realities of urban blight that complicate and threaten their survival. As with Birth Of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ (Hanson 2010), Natural Incapacity sprouts from a similar research and development, manifesting from the sonic pollution that proliferates in their current residence of Richmond, California: the seamless, glacial accretion of locomotive grind, subharmonic environmental rumble, nocturnal street sweeping, and the quavering hum of toxic chemicals perpetually leached into the water table. By design, Natural Incapacity’s oil-stained drone is completely relentless, implying neither beginning nor end to this cycle of contamination. The duo’s industrial meditation recognizes abjection, horror, and defeat as the prevalent conditions to existence. Even as a declared rejection to those conditions, Natural Incapacity is engulfed in a bleak nihilism constantly churning back upon itself. Grizzled antecedents can be found in the apocalyptic works of Maurizio Bianchi, Kevin Drumm’s Imperial Distortion, and Organum’s Vacant Lights. Includes download of the composition in unedited form. Hand-rusted metal covers by the corrosion artist Jim Haynes. Edition of 150

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