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DJ Tools by rkss


DJ Tools

rkss makes contemporary computer music, exploring the politics and aesthetics of club culture, technology and queerness — ‘DJ Tools’ is made entirely from a sample pack called 'EDM Kicks Vol 1' - rkss has manipulated the packs ‘off the shelf’ sounds using computer music processing techniques and formed it into something perhaps not wholly anticipated by the packs creators..  “DJ Tools was recorded at a turning point for me as an artist & person as I came into the aesthetic and social limitations I was finding in contemporary dance culture.?! I started to change how I thought about myself as an artist in terms of changing the way I created music, instead of writing the music at home and later arranging it for the club, I started writing music for live performance first.?! I wanted to be able to arrange these pieces/excerpts/sketches live.?!

MP3 $9.90

08/31/2018 5060165484393 


FLAC $11.99

08/31/2018 5060165484393