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Lights Are On But No One’s Home by Rogerson, Diana

Rogerson, Diana

Lights Are On But No One’s Home
United Jnana

Diana Rogerson was a member of cult band Whore 156 in the 1970s. Dubbed “the female Whitehouse,” they later mutated into Fistfuck in the early ‘80s. They were legendary lynchpins in the London underground industrial scene, alongside bands like SPK and the aforementioned Whitehouse. Rogerson later went on to do vocals for Nurse With Wound and Shock Headed Peters, and worked alongside Foetus. She made two albums in the ‘80s under the pseudonym Chrystal Belle Scrodd. They were described as psychedelic outsider classics by critics and gained underground notoriety. These albums were originally released on the highly collectible United Dairies label. The Lights Are On But No-One’s Home, released on United Jnana, is the long-awaited follow-up to Rogerson’s 1987 album Belle De Jour. It is a collection of new songs and instrumentals in her unique style, recorded with the help of Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter (of Nurse With Wound) and also Matt Waldron of irr. app. (ext.). Recently, the early recordings of Fistfuck live performances were released by the Viennese Actionist Recording label and have already sold out! Rogerson is also a guest vocalist on the new Faust album.  • New solo album from notorious underground British artist, recorded by Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter (Nurse With Wound), and Matt Waldron  • Long-awaited follow-up to 1987’s Belle De Jour  • Former member of Whore 156 and Fistfuck who has also worked with Nurse With Wound, Shock Headed Peters, and Foetus  • No exports to the...

CD $13.00

07/31/2007 621617422124