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┬┐Kieres Agua? by Rose Mercie

Rose Mercie

┬┐Kieres Agua?
Celluloid Lunch

***Celluloid Lunch is proud to present the second ROSE MERCIE full length to the North American Hoards. The identity of Rose Mercie lies somewhere in the vast continuum between Sun CIty Girls and Spice Girls. Pop music anchored in esoteric traditions and exploratory play. A split release with Jelodanti in France.

LP $21.25


CLR 08 

***The debut LP from the excellent French quartet ROSE MERCIE. Landing somewhere between The Shangri-Las, Raincoats, Rosa Yemen, Sleater-Kinney, Josephine Foster or Marianne Faithfull, the sound of Rose Mercie subtly integrates many influences. Active since 2013, Rose Mercie is finally releasing its first album now in 2018. The chemistry between these four musicians (CHARLENE, INES, LOUANN and MICHELE) is palpable and propels each song in a swarm of sometimes negative imagination and sometimes sweet bitterness. At times melancholic and moving, percussive but also bestowed with magnificent vocal harmonies, this album is to be savored in its rawness.

LP $17.75



MP3 $7.92

03/02/2018 711583491283 


FLAC $8.99

03/02/2018 711583491283