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Whatever’s Got You Down by Samiam


Whatever’s Got You Down
No Idea

***REISSUED!!! Originally released by Hopeless Records in 2006, now remixed and remastered with love by JEFF DEAN (THE BOMB). Jeff truly ripped the lid off this record and brought a newfound clarity and immediacy! To all those who loved these songs already, allow us to reintroduce you. Includes a bonus song and shiny updated artwork by SERGIE LOOBKOFF. Colored vinyl; includes download code.

LP $17.50

11/26/2013 633757033115 


You Are Freaking Me Out by Samiam


You Are Freaking Me Out
No Idea

Note price increase. The SAMIAM record that never saw a proper vinyl release in the USA finally occurs, fully remastered and better than ever!! In the words of an upstanding band member, "hmmm....shitty old band of can we effectively promote that....." Yes indeed, No, wait a minute—this record is crucial! 

LP $19.75

04/30/2013 633757030916 


CD $13.00

04/23/2013 633757030923 


Orphan Works by Samiam


Orphan Works
No Idea

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Studio outtakes, in-studio radio shows and live recordings from the busiest six years of SAMIAM. "Strange to think what it was like back then...I have to admit, the ‘90s were often a trial, there were soaring ‘highs’ and a few doleful ‘lows’. But years later, even thinking of loading our gear into a trailer at 4 am. seems...uh, eventful. At the time I might have been wondering what the fuck I was doing with my life but I now tend to romanticize Samiam’s past. I love to remind James of the time in Vienna a dog walked up to him mid-song, sniffed his leg and pissed on his amp. If that isn’t a priceless moment, I don’t know what is. We performed in other prodigious situations, made loads of friends and thought ‘music’ instead of ‘day job.’ Not to say it was the easy, rock star fun people daydream of... Samiam was a garage band thrust into a world of constant touring, major labels and blown transmissions. Yet, the fact that we were basically failures in the eyes of the music industry didn’t change the simple fact that we were young and having fun. Yay us!”—Sergie. CD exportable worldwide. No export to the UK on vinyl. (STREET DATE - 11/02/2010)

CD $13.00

09/14/2010 633757027923 


2XLP $24.00

11/02/2010 633757027916