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***FRED SCHNEIDER & THE SUPERIONS are back with a festive fall Halloween single "Bat Baby".?! "Bat Baby" was released digitally 8 years ago, but this is the first time on vinyl and w/ an exclusive b-side "Real Scary Halloween Story." Limited to 600 copies and on super thick orange vinyl..?!

7" $6.00

11/15/2019 616822009475 

HHBTM 200 

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! FRED SCHNEIDER of the B-52's new project the SUPERIONS are a nonstop disco new wave party explosion for all generations.?! Since their Christmas record a couple of years back, pop dadaists Fred Schneider & The Superions have been roaming through their apartment, looking for the next party.?! Fred writes the words and sings the songs.?! NOAH and DAN make the music.?! Blame it on the wine.?! Blame it on Orlando, Florida.?! The Superions go where no one else dares to go—into the silly, the ridiculous, the fun, the insane..?!

LP $17.75

06/16/2017 616822025215 


CD $14.50

02/23/2018 616822134825