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A Journey Into Madness by Scrap Brain

Scrap Brain

A Journey Into Madness
Thrilling Living

***London / Oxford-based SCRAP BRAIN are back with a long player that expands and improves on their dirgey and unconventional brand of hardcore punk. This time around the group embraces a wall of sound approach; this is a record that sounds both huge and claustrophobic at once. A dissonant take on Flipper with one of the best lyricists in contemporary music. Recorded and mixed by JONAH FALCO (Fucked Up. Career Suicide, Game). Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, this is a split release with Drunken Sailor.

LP $16.35


TSF 015 

***Composed cacophony, desperate dirges, pieces of the punk puzzle churning and crashing together to form one insistent and determined whole. This is brute force music, the sound of the claustrophobia of London, the claustrophobia of being a human being trapped inside of your own brain. First time on vinyl—400 copies on black vinyl in risographed sleeves designed by LEIGH ARTHUR with a lyric insert illustrated by singer CAMILLE REARDEN.

7" $8.05


TSF 008