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“Brilliantly relentless LinnDrum productions made as a sort of homage to Prince’s ‘Parade’ album; 40 minutes of virulent, Afro-Latin polyrhythms that sound something like Prince producing free jazz jungle with Jamal Moss and the Príncipe gang.  Lisbon-based Bruno Silva enacts pure voodoo with extended, restless LinnDrum workouts that take Prince’s distinctive LM-1 signatures as a starting point for loose-limbed tribal jams that flow with the colour of the Brazilian carnival and the rhythmic psychedelia of hardcore jungle. The title ‘Parada’ cannily nods both to Prince’s ‘Parade’ album and the percussion of carnival parades, speaking to a plurality of polyrhythms in a tradition of fusion music that seeks to meld myriad forms of communal, ritualistic and ecstatic music - not a million miles from the bare carnival funk of ‘Parade’s’ ’New Position’. In six parts ranging from extended runs of drumkit-falling-down-stairs to nimble junglist mutations and rapid, darting concisions, Serpente spells out a heavily intoxicating and intuitive sort of rhythmic psychedelia that lives up to a broad palette of influences ranging from Haitian voodoo ceremonies and central African drum circles, through to the Sun Ra Arkestra and Alan Silva’s Celestial Communion Orchestra, via Keith Hudson’s dub transcendence, and the rude modernism of UK rave and virulent styles currently coming from Lisbon ghettos on the Príncipe label. In attempting to untie and unite these worldly references, an asymmetric percussive friction and hypnotically unresolved tension naturally emerges from Serpente’s flux of machine made patterns. It’s there in the restlessly gnashing, swingeing brilliance...

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