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Watching The Breeze by Shine Grooves

Shine Grooves

Watching The Breeze
100% Silk

Yekaterinburg musician Andrey Kurokhtin operates in intertwined capacities – producer, engineer, synth and drum machine technician, label boss (of hand-stamped “non-commercial music” imprint Hanagasumi), electronica shopkeeper – but his passions collide in the microcosmic reveries of Shine Grooves. Watching The Breeze collects 13 cuts composed across a decade of activity for an expansive portrait of the project’s signature chemistry of minimalist rhythms and whispered emotion. Woozy, windswept, and flecked with grit, the tracks zoom in and out of delicate flux, triangulating liquid acid, deprivation chamber house, and the outer reaches of dub techno. Hints of Kompakt, Basic Channel, and glitched radio transmissions flicker in its ether, but ultimately WTB maps a groove shinier and more scattered, lost blossoms from a life behind the lights, attuned to the invisible.

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