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***"Shit and Shine return to Rock Is Hell—home of the legendary Le Grand Larence Prix album from 2011 with the brand spanking new banger Scenic Farm. Spread over two heaving discs, the main man Craig Clouse has once again proved how up there he is right now as a producer, slaying all in his path and showing how far you can really take this shit. It's all right here—from the snare driven Schifrin funk of 'Camino Real' to the growling acid of 'Whaxaxaxki' via the urban sizzurp of 'Off The Wall' and that's just the first side. Take the full ride my friend. Glistening 808's, samples of spoken word, breaks that glitch and split into revealing grooves you had no idea were even there, a smattering of kosmich, total distortion overload, a link up with EVOL and a re-do of Pet Brick too. It's all here. You need this." Pressed on exclusive limited edition red vinyl.

2XLP $29.00

03/27/2020 5060446124215 


Shit & Shine on a jazz label? Yes indeed. This is THE Shit & Shine with a brand new tape “Chakin” on Astral Spirits. We couldn’t be more excited about it. Craig Clouse has gained notoriety over the years for wide arrays of stylistic moves from long­form repetition & noise rock to his more recent dance/disco output on labels like Diagonal, Gangsigns, Rocket Recordings, Load, Rock is Hell, Riot Season and more. He’s worked throughout the years with many different collaborators but the list on “Chakin’” is stunning, here Clouse is joined by Ingebrigt Haker­Flaten (The Thing, Atomic, Icepick, etc), Pete Simonelli (The Enablers), King Coffey (Butthole Surfers) & Nate Cross (Marriage).The music on “Chakin’” is true to the spirit of Shit & Shine as we see repetitive loops but with a focus on improvisation overlayed onto the grooves…layers of Wurlizter and Rhodes electric pianos, assorted percussion, acoustic bass and more permeate throughout. Half the album was recorded live in the “Chak” and some may even recognize bits from the amazing Shit & Shine Tuesday Jazz Chat series on YouTube.“Denim Do’s and Don’ts” is the real masterpiece here though. A 17 minute free jazz meets krautrock and all zones in between journey complete with narration from Pete Simonelli & bass playing from Ingebrigt Haker­Flaten. A truly epic Shit & Shine track that builds off past accomplishments but also looks toward the future, as Clouse always tends to do.

MP3 $5.99

02/10/2015 881314686568 

MF085 / AS009 

FLAC $6.99

02/10/2015 881314686568 


Live At Aquarius Records / Wfmu Showcase by Shit And Shine

Shit And Shine

Live At Aquarius Records / Wfmu Showcase
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

***Recorded live in Austin, Texas during the most recent WFMU/Aquarius Records SXSW Showcase. A special piece composed for this occasion featuring multiple guest drummers in addition to the core lineup. The entire set is captured on this glorious piece of wax with locked grooves on either side to enhance the hyper-rhythmic, dromedome-tunnel vision listening experience. Full color jackets featuring photos taken by the Englishmen themselves during their Texan invasion. Limited to 500 pieces.

LP $20.50