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***A long time in the making, this “solo” offering from Melbourne underground / outsider rock legend or indeed mainstream collaborator and sideman, Joel Silbersher (HOSS, GOD, HEADLAND, DARK HORSES, TENDRILS, GREASY LENS mainman) cranks up the hiss and crackle with three absolute classics, an original and two cover versions—all displaying Joel’s idiosyncratic take on the blues, or folk, or indeed soul music.?! For it is that which burst forth on this essential 45—almost a Beefheartian guttural (from the gutter, and indeed the gut…) growling from Silbersher makes these songs his, and ultimately yours. Featuring assorted members of the Drones (Liddiard / Noga) on various instrumentation, theA-side, “No Teeth” is a Silbersher original, it sparks and spits with huge wit and snarl, making a mess / meal out of the blues—a true visceral outburst!

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06/09/2017 647603398082