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Fiction Prediction by Soft Riot

Soft Riot

Fiction Prediction

***SOFT RIOT is JACK DUCKWORTH, a former Vancouverite now living in London who traces his musical beginnings to the vibrant underground art-punk/hardcore scene emergent across the Canadian and American west coasts in the mid-90s.?! Duckworth was among the fixtures in that community’s northern outpost before helping to consolidate the early outpourings of a larger pre-“synth/new-wave” revival with his band RADIO BERLIN, alongside others like Black Mountain, Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes, etc, though his output has shifted at least a few degrees from that older sound.?! His move to London is at the heart of his ongoing personal maintenance; the new atmosphere and cultural dynamic giving fuel to Soft Riot, previously just a concept.?! Fiction Prediction collects Duckworth’s latest material, recorded after the songs that populated his previous album/EP, No Longer Stranger (originally released on Panospria, the EP was expanded and released as an LP by Volar Records).?!

LP $13.50



No Longer Stranger by Soft Riot

Soft Riot

No Longer Stranger

***One-man, UK-based, atmospheric and dark synth.?! Their debut LP.?! “No Longer Stranger is a collection of moody, atmospheric tracks, driven by vintage machine beats and warbling arpeggios.?! Combining late 70s synthesizer cinema music (the kind of stuff in horror and Sci-Fi movies in the years just before the music the SynthWave scene adores kicked off) and the metronome sparsety of early Cabaret Voltaire, with a little whispered Soft Cell sleaze, SOFT RIOT deliver something, not to make you move on the dancefloor, but to soundtrack your walk home after the club has shut, through dark city streets.?! Pulsating analog basses and white noise snares provide the basis for haunting, glowing melodies and Soft Riot’s enigmatic growl, from the Numanoid Your Secret Light Shines At Night to the acid nightmare SynthPop of Your Strange New Career via the dystopian psychedelic of Tragic Magic, No Longer Stranger isn’t always comfortable listening, but ultimately rewarding.?!

LP $13.50