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A Brief Moment in the Sun by Soulside


A Brief Moment in the Sun

***Soulside formed in Washington, DC, in 1985, split up in 1989, then reformed in 2014 and has continued playing and writing music since then. After releasing their debut album on Sammich/Dischord, they recorded Trigger (Dischord, 1988) and Hot Bodi-Gram (Dischord, 1989), which were combined on the Soon Come Happy CD in 1990. The band toured extensively in the US and Europe during these years, including groundbreaking shows in Poland and East Berlin shortly before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. In 2020, Soulside put out a new 7-inch, This Ship, their first release in 30 years, which was recorded in Prague. In late 2022, Dischord will release a 12-song Soulside album, A Brief Moment in the Sun, which was written during the heart of the coronavirus pandemic and recorded in person by J. Robbins in November 2021.

LP $17.75

11/18/2022 643859192016 

DIS 192 

***This is the band's first new music since 1989 and was recorded during a brief run of European shows in autumn of 2019 at Jamor Studio in Prague with ONDREJ JEZEK. Formed in 1986, SOULSIDE was one of the strongest voices in the DC punk's third generation, alongside groups like Swiz and Shudder to Think. The band released a self-titled full-length on Sammich Records as well as a number of records on Dischord—the Trigger EP, the Bass/103 7", and the Hot Bodi-Gram LP—before parting ways. All of the Dischord records were rereleased as the Soon Come Happy CD in 1990. In 2015, the group—singer BOBBY SULLIVAN, guitarist SCOTT MCCLOUD, drummer ALEXIS FLEISIG, and bassist JOHNNY TEMPLE—reunited for the first time in 25 years and have continued to perform together as time and opportunity allow. (STREET DATE - 8/28/2020)

7" $7.75

08/28/2020 643859191019 

DIS 191 V