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Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis

A few years ago, Sonic Boom (Spaceman 3, Spectrum, EAR) traveled to Independence, Mississippi to work with legendary producer Jim Dickinson, a.k.a. Captain Memphis. The result is Indian Giver, a true collaboration where the two artists share both a stage and their musical visions. "The Lonesome Death Of Johnny Ace," an epic, southern-fried biographical groover, tells the tale of a famous singer's Christmas Day Russian Roulette tragedy. The rest of the album finds Boom revisiting his past: a new, fuzzier rendition of Mudhoney's "When Tomorrow Hits," a revamped version of ultra-rare Spectrum popper "Take Your Time," and Spaceman 3 staple "Hey Man (Amen)," where Dickinson throws down some back-ups. The Dickinson tunes are brand new and eerie, with his recitations backed by ecstatic symphonies. The record is book ended by new Spectrum number "Mary," which carries with it a decidedly Neu! theme.   This is a once-in-a-lifetime musical meeting, and the resultant album could only have come from these two musical icons.

CD $13.00

04/22/2008 607287010526 

BMR 105