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***As one of the premier Oi! bands in Germany, STOMPER 98 are regarded as legends of working class punk rock. It is perhaps bitter irony that it was a workplace accident that left the band's frontman Sebi with a crushed foot, bedridden for nearly half a year, and needing to learn to walk all over again. Such a traumatic and life-altering event might crush a person's spirit as much as any bones, but for Sebi, it put life into perspective and fueled his desire to always rise above adversity stronger than ever. Besides, how could a band with such a rich history like Stomper 98 miss out on the chance to release a record for their 25th anniversary? On Stomper 98, the band lets their creative juices flow as listeners will get their share of punk, reggae, Oi!, shuffle, hardcore, and more. It helps to have the vision executed by an international all-star lineup of street punk legends, including RANCID & OLD FIRM CASUALS guitarist Lars Frederiksen, guitarist Tommi Tox, saxophonist Holgi Stomper, bassist Sille Riot, and drummer Stefan H.!

LP $20.95

09/15/2023 810017646593 

PPR 364