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Stormcrow / Coffins

Last year, Stormcrow and Coffins laid waste to the West Coast of the United States on a ten-day tour culminating in the two appearing at the Los Angeles Murderfest. During that time, the mutual admiration both bands already held for one another was permanently forged in steel and a split release was conceived and agreed upon. Side A features a single track from Oakland's Stormcrow, their longest ever, clocking in at massive 13 minutes. A monolithic combination of heavy crust, classic death metal and a creeping, omnipresent doom vibe, "Path to Defeat" is a song the band was playing in a less developed form on last year's tour. It was recorded at Earhammer Studio by Greg Wilkinson of Laudanum / Brainoil and Salvador Raya of Asunder. The Coffins side starts with new track "The Black Fog of Burning Flesh," a song that would fit perfectly with the abominations on their 2008 LP Buried Death. In customary Coffins fashion, it's a no-frills, crawling, drenched-in-the-mire death metal deconstruction. "Black Fog" is followed by a re-recording of "Slaughter of Gods" from their 2005 debut LP Mortuary in Darkness, a live staple that will make any primitive death metal fan lament the evolutionary tendencies of Celtic Frost. This 12-inch split, mastered at 45 RPM, arrives just in time for the appearance of both bands, together again, at the Maryland Deathfest over Memorial Day Weekend 2010. It also features classic underground death metal artwork by Digestor of Ghoul.

12" $12.00

05/25/2010 721616803716 

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MP3 $9.90

05/25/2010 721616803716