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LP VERSION INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD COUPON!!! Like it or not, The Strange Boys are probably both younger and more accomplished than you. Since the band's humble beginnings as a duo in 2003, they've shared stages with the likes of Roky Erickson, Daniel Johnston, and Black Lips, leaving a smattering of singles, EPs, and CDRs in their wake. The band's full-length debut, And Girls Club, wound up on countless best-of-2009 lists and landed them a record deal (outside North America) with Rough Trade. Now, the Boys kick off 2010 with their follow-up, Be Brave, and it's guaranteed to please any and all who appreciate an infectious mix of ramshackle garage rock, polished Village Green-era Kinks melodies, and vocals that suggest a young Bob Dylan had he spent more of his formative years in juvie halls than coffeehouses. And who can't dig that?Be Brave, recorded at The Distillery in Costa Mesa by Mike McHugh, is the debut of the new, modified Strange Boys line-up. Original drummer Matt Hammer exited the band and Jenna Thornhill and Seth Densham of Mika Miko stepped in to fill his spot. Tim Presley of Darker My Love, a longtime friend of the group, also appears on the new album and performs with the band when his schedule permits. The result is an ever-so-slight build upon the roots-garage template they've constructed over the course of their career so far. The moody parts are now moodier and the band's signature groove is now...well...groovier. The Boys internalize a host...

LP $12.00

03/23/2010 759718518818 

ITR 188 

CD $12.00

03/02/2010 759718518825 

ITR 188 CD 

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Be Brave (Digital Single) by Strange Boys

Strange Boys

Be Brave (Digital Single)
In The Red

Digital single, includes the non-LP track "Keys To The Kingdom"

MP3 $1.98

02/23/2010 759718519174 


And Girls Club by Strange Boys

Strange Boys

And Girls Club
In The Red

Austin, TX's The Strange Boys evoke a wild-eyed, porcelain-skinned innocence that is capable of summoning the wayward spirit of Brian Jones. The mystery of the South couples with the mastery of rhythm to create a sound completely timeless and familiar, yet absolutely raw and avant-garde. Greg Enlow's syncopated, organ-driven grooves hark back to The Seeds pushing too hard while guitarist Ryan Sambol's voice wavers beyond comparison. Older brother Philip Sambol keeps the pulse with the aptly named Matt Hammer, who unmercifully pounds an old Ludwig set.  The Strange Boys began as a duo (Hammer and the younger Sambol) in 2003. The other two joined in 2005 and the band has been on tour non-stop ever since. Since 2003 the Boys have recorded a wealth of material which was passed around at shows and to friends, but never officially released. In 2007, Dusty Medical Records put out the Nothing EP, and in 2008, In The Red released the Woe Is You and Me single. Now, finally, the band's proper debut album is seeing the light of day. It's easy to imagine The Strange Boys and Girls Club, a sixteen-track beast, blasting out of any stereo system between The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators and Wire's Pink Flag.  The Strange Boys were the backing band for Mighty Hannibal (the '50s R&B recording artist); were main support for Roky Erickson and the Explosives at the Chaos in Tejas festival; have played South by Southwest the last four years, the...

LP $12.00

03/03/2009 759718516517 

ITR 165 

CD $12.00

03/17/2009 759718516524 

ITR 165 CD 

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