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Subarachnoid Space

Eight Bells is the follow-up to The Red Veil (Strange Attractors) and the first new release from Subarachnoid Space in four years. Featuring the current line-up of Daniel Barone, Melynda Jackson, Lauren K. Newman, and Daniel Osborne plus guest musician Steven Wray Lobdell, the album continues in the same heavy, lysergic vein as their last couple of post-Release records, fusing wicked metallic crunch with ethereal, effects-laden guitar freakouts and some of their most narcotized jamming yet. The band's last couple of records pointed toward a heavier direction, and this new material continues on that trajectory, with blazing luminous axe-howl over hypnotic heavy acid riffage and dense squalls of sound.  Eight Bells clocks in at just under 40 minutes and is packaged with stunning new artwork from Stephen Kasner. "[O]n these loping workouts their music sustains a fierce energy level and builds into a relentless mass of rhythm and fury."  --The Wire  "Another colourful entry in the log book of the modern psychedelic underground." --Terrorizor (8/10 rating)

CD $12.00

09/22/2009 655035008127 

CBR 81 

MP3 $9.90